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“Can I see samples of materials, ink colours and actual printed items before ordering online?”
Certainly; I am happy to send a brochure package anywhere in the world free of charge.   This package includes pricing details, samples of all the available materials and a selection of printed stationery from the archives.  If you have expressed an interest in a particular design or style, the samples will be chosen to reflect this.
“Do you ship to the United States?”
Yes.   Shipping to America usually adds less than a week to the time required and I have worked to make myself familiar with U.S. conventions and customs where they differ from those current in Britain*.   See next question for more information on lead times.
*You may find, on examining website illustrations or printed samples, that I have used what appear to be British spellings (e.g. honour, theatre) on stationery produced for American customers.  This is not cultural imperialism on my part!   In every such case, the customer herself (or occasionally himself) has asked for these forms.
“How long does it take to complete an order?”
The usual timescale is two to three weeks in Britain and five elsewhere.   To be more specific, I normally supply proofs within three business days from receipt of the order.   Counting from the date when the proofs are approved for printing, the finished stationery will be delivered within a further ten business days in Britain (Europe 15 days, U.S.A and Canada 17 days, Australasia and the Far East 20 days). These are maximum figures, and in practice I generally deliver within a week (U.K.) or two weeks (overseas) from approval of the proofs.
“Is there a special high-speed service for urgent orders?”
Yes:  the Express service, which costs £35.00 (about $56) for the whole order.   For Express orders I will supply the proofs within 72 hours from receipt of order (this includes working on Sundays or public holidays if necessary), and I will also shorten the time from proof-approval to delivery by three days.   This means that even for the United States the overall lead time can be brought down to three weeks or less;  my record, so far, is eleven days from start to finish!
“What are your payment terms?”
I ask for a deposit on placing the order;  this is normally £75.00 (about $120) but will be reduced to £30.00 (about $48) if the total order value is below £100.00.   When I send the proofs I supply an invoice with them, and I ask for payment of the balance, as shown on this invoice, when you are entirely satisfied with the proofs.
***Payments can be made:  by cheque (British currency only);  by credit or debit card through the shopping-cart;  or through the PayPal secure online payment system (click here for more details).
“Can you supply price estimates?”
Yes;  if you can tell me exactly what you require - what items, how many of each, what the sizes and formats will be if there is a choice (click here to see the options) and if possible what material and ink colour you would like, we can work out the exact cost including shipping.   If appropriate we will convert the figure into your local currency, although the actual cost to you may differ slightly from this because of exchange-rate fluctuations.
There is a special web-page here which you can use to request a quotation.
“Can I order online?”
Yes:  this page functions as an order form, allowing you to set values for all your requirements (design, material, ink, items, quantities, formats etc.) and including boxes where you can fill in the wording.   It is identical to the quotation page (see last question) except that it includes provision for paying the deposit.
***Please do not use the order form unless you have made a definite decision to place an order.   If you are simply gathering information at this stage, use the quotation page or send an e-mail instead.
“What are the sizes of invitations and other items?”
Items described as 'large' are 210mm x 148mm (8.25" x 5.85");  'small' items are 148mm x 105mm (5.85" x 4.13").   Envelopes are 162mm x 229mm (6.38" x 9") for large items and 114mm x 162mm (4.5" x 6.38") for small.   See this page for more details on sizes and formats.
“Are envelopes included in the prices?”
Yes:  all invitations, response cards and thank-you cards come with matching envelopes.
“Can you supply inner and outer envelopes?”
(This question is relevant chiefly to American customers.)  Not as such, but instead I offer envelope liners.   These are sheets of paper in the same material as the envelopes themselves;  they are folded in half and placed inside the envelopes, increasing their rigidity and opacity very much as the inner envelopes would have done.   They cost 10p (about 16 cents U.S.) per sheet.  
“Can I supply my own wording, or must I follow the layout of the website samples?”
Invitations and other items can be worded in any way you please, and your choice of wording does not normally affect the cost.   The quotation-form and order-form pages include boxes where you can enter the wording for any item, if you have already decided what you would like.

I do not propose to offer any detailed guides on wording, since advice on this point is readily available in the wedding magazines, but I am happy to advise if you so request.
“Can you print with a raised or embossed effect?”
No, unfortunately; this effect requires special equipment and special skills, both of which are beyond my scope.
“Are there any other designs besides those shown on the website?”
There are a few design suites, mostly in a Victorian style, which have dropped out of use.  I hope eventually to add these to the site, as well as creating complete pages for those few which are now represented only by scanned design sheets.

If you like our work in principle but are not taken with any of the designs illustrated, you may wish to consider having an entirely new suite created;  the cost of this is not overwhelming.  See next question below.
“Can you create artwork to special order?”
Most certainly!  This can be done on several levels: -
Monogram - free of charge.   A monogram - that is, a decorative treatment of the initials of bride and groom - is included as part of the basic price of all invitations and most other items.
Church/venue drawing - usually £25.00 ($40.00).   Send me a photograph* and I will develop a pencil drawing from it for incorporation into your stationery.  I will remove unwanted details such as parked cars, signboards or (if desired) overgrown trees, and I may change the viewpoint slightly to give a better-balanced image.  This kind of drawing does not have to be a building;  I enjoy drawing landscapes and ships too.  *This can be e-mailed.  We can sometimes work from website images, although they tend to be short on detail because of the low resolution.
Special monogram - normally £15.00 ($24.00).   Instead of the standard monogram style, which depends on the design family chosen, you can have a special one in which some motif of your choice is used as a background for your initials.   This is a good way to introduce personalised artwork into items such as small single-sided invitations, where there is no space to bring in extra elements.
Maps and plans - £15.00-£30.00 ($24.00-$48.00) depending on complexity. These are hand-drawn from material supplied by the customer (often consisting of a sketch-map from a brochure issued by the wedding venue);  however, I make a point of checking this against a good road-atlas or online map to ensure that, within the limits of the decorative approach, it is basically accurate in scale and orientation.
Special cartoons, motifs, portraits etc. - £15.00-£50.00 ($24.00-$80.00) depending on size and complexity.  This kind of artwork often replaces the front-cover design of an invitation;  alternatively it can go on the inside left-hand panel, which would otherwise be blank.
Complete design suite - £50.00-£150.00 ($80.00-$240.00 depending on complexity and number of items.  You can have an entirely new 'family', drawn to the same standards as the designs shown throughout this site, created to your specification.
Click here to see examples of the different types of artwork mentioned.
“Can you write or print individual guests' names on the stationery?”
Yes, the names can be printed.   The additional cost varies from 25p to £1.00 (40c to $1.60) per individual name, according to the size of the item.   Unfortunately I dare not undertake calligraphy nowadays;  it is too time-consuming.
“Can you print oversize items such as presentation scrolls and seating plans?”
I can now produce table plans up to A3 size (420 x 297mm or 17” x 11.7”).  Other items can be done in non-standard sizes by arrangement, although the scroll format does present shipping problems.
Image of olivia2.gif
“Can I order artwork which I can have printed myself?”
Very much so.   Prices for invitations are £25.00 ($40.00) for a single-sided design or £35.00 ($56.00) for a folding design;  other items start from £10.00 ($16.00).   Artwork is normally supplied as high-definition PDF files which can be sent by e-mail.   All our designs can be treated in this way.  When ordering, please state the dimensions required for each item.   See Formats for more details.
The Artwork price guide page gives a full price-list.
Ordering   For the present, please e-mail us with your requirements or use the message pad.  The quotation form and online order form will be revised in the near future to incorporate this service.