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You may well need two separate invitations — or possibly even three, if you are having both an afternoon reception and an evening party as well as the ceremony itself.
See Formats for a description of the various items we offer and the distinction between the different types of invitation, response card, menu and order-of-service document.
Reference letters
Every item we produce carries a reference (two to four characters beginning with A). See the prices page for a list of these. If you use them when corresponding with us it will help to prevent any misunderstandings.
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SPLIT ORDERS  Perhaps you are ready to order invitations but do not yet know the wording for your service booklet or menu.   You are welcome to deal with these items later on, either as a completely separate order or by adding them to this order with a note ‘details to follow’.
Few things in anybody’s life are more individual and less predictable than a wedding! Because of this, I no longer try to channel people’s requirements through prefabricated forms. Simply e-mail me, describing your requirements as fully as possible. I will answer on the next business day (if not sooner), summarising your request so that you can make sure I have understood it correctly and wherever possible quoting a price for the work involved.