Choose your items
You may well need two separate invitations — or possibly even three, if you are having both an afternoon reception and an evening party as well as the ceremony itself.
See Formats for a description of the various items we offer and the distinction between the different types of invitation, response card, menu and order-of-service document.
How many of each?
When deciding how many invitations to order, remember that normally you only need one per household.   At the same time, you need to allow for some extras to cover spoilage and last-minute inspirations.   It is far better to order too many than too few.   If you have to come back to us later for a reprint we will have to charge a large proportion of the original price (usually 2/3), since from our viewpoint all the work of platemaking, printing and finishing has to be gone through over again.
In the case of service cards and booklets we recommend giving every guest an individual copy, with a possible exception for small children.
Reference letters
Every item we produce carries a reference letter from A to X.   Some items, notably invitations, come in a range of sizes and layouts each of which has its own reference.   These letters are briefly defined in the price guide;  for fuller descriptions see the Formats page.
Steps printed in green can be left for us to complete if you prefer
Address details
Please give a contact telephone number if at all possible.
The delivery address should be one where someone is available on weekdays to sign for receipt of a parcel (see Delivery for more details).   This applies to both U.K. and international orders.
Reference letter
Circle the reference letter[s] for the item[s] required.
The first two columns
Enter the quantities required in the first column (Quantity).
Work out the basic cost by
noting down the price for 10 from the price guide
deducting 10 from the total quantity required
multiplying the remainder by the + per unit price in the price guide, and adding the result to the 10 price
Enter this final figure in the second column (Basic cost total).
Luxury material
Leave this column blank unless you are specifying something other than the standard white or ivory material (see Material below).  
Total boxes are provided at the bottom of each column as well as to the right of each row, if you wish to use them.
‘Original Design Family’
Fill in the name as given at the top of the relevant page in the brochure or in this site (e.g. ERIN, RENNIE, GENEVA)
‘Monogram style’
Use this box if you want a pattern of monogram which is not the normal one for your chosen Family.   Enter the name of the Family from which it comes.
Tick if the typestyle you want is the one illustrated on the page for your chosen Family.   Otherwise, enter the name of the one you prefer (such as Alcuin or Post Antiqua).
Tick if you are having the standard material in either White or Ivory.   For any other material, enter the name as given in bold in the table on the Materials page (e.g. Hammer, Laid, Parchment).
‘Special artwork’
See Illustrations for the kind of work this covers.   For any such non-standard artwork, enter £25.00 for now (unless we have already quoted you a different figure).   We will adjust it if necessary when confirming the order.
‘Alternative ink’
This means any colour other than the seven listed in the Ink box.   Click here to view a chart of all the available colours.   There is no longer any extra charge for alternative inks.
‘Express order £35’
See Timescales & Delivery.   Note that, if you are splitting your order, this express charge will only cover the first round.
R E M E M B E R    T O    I N C L U D E
1   Deposit (sterling cheque, payable to ROSMEDA GRAPHIC ARTS, or request for credit/debit card link)
2   Wording, including address for letterheads or correspondence
cards and any message or verse required for place cards.
“So what happens next?”  Click here.
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There are two methods of ordering

1   CUSTOM ORDER FORM   Using this, you can place an order online, convey all necessary instructions by means of editable boxes, and choose the payment method that suits you;  this includes secure online payment by credit or debit card if you prefer this method.   Your order will be confirmed manually by e-mail, and all prices and shipping costs will be shown at this stage.

2  PRINTABLE ORDER FORM   For those who prefer more traditional methods of communication, there is an order form which you can print out, complete by hand and either e-mail or send by post.  If you are using this method, please send the wording separately by post or e-mail.   
The instructions which follow relate to orders placed either by means of the printable order form or on the (identical) paper form included in the printed brochure.   In the custom order form, you will be guided through all the necessary stages by the layout of the forms themselves.
If you have specified anything other than standard material, you can now fill in the Luxury material column.  Scroll down the Materials & Inks page for the Luxury Material Price Supplement table.   Find the appropriate reference letter.   Multiply the figure by the quantity ordered.   Enter the result in this column.  
SPLIT ORDERS  Perhaps you are ready to order invitations but do not yet know the wording for your service booklet or menu.   You are welcome to deal with these items later on, either as a completely separate order or by adding them to this order with a note ‘details to follow’.