By return
A confirming copy of your order form, checked over and with any adjustments noted and explained.  This is now normally sent by e-mail.
Within 3-4 working days
The proofs, which normally consist of a low-resolution scan of the artwork. On receipt of written approval for the proofs (which you can supply by e-mail) and payment, we will send .
We send an invoice with the proofs, showing the balance due after deducting the deposit.   This must be paid when approving the proofs.
The time you spend in dealing with the proofs does not count towards our turn-round timescales, so please allow for it when working out your schedules.   This is especially important if you have to liaise with overseas relatives, clergymen, hotel/venue staff etc. before you can give us your approval.
Within 2 working days from receipt of payment
The final artwork, usually consisting of high-resolution scans in PDF format. If you have only asked for drawings without any typesetting, we may suggest using JPEG format instead, since this makes it easier to introduce images into other documents and resize them if necessary.
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